Emilie and Frederik - The Wedding

Bubbly, funny, sensitive, tough, caring....

Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik Frederik

And drop-dead gorgeous! says Emilie's Mum

Emilie and Dad

Thrilla in Manila! The one and only MMMILLEEEEEEEEEEE...my favourite sister is getting married. Doesn't time just briskly pass by and then...booom...it's in moments like this that you realise...woooooaah...hold your horses MILLLLLEEEEE! says Simon
Daddy's little girl, says Fred
Definitely a daddy's girl! says Emilie
I accroche, says Emilie's Dad

Emilie with a cap on

Who'd have thought I spent my formative years 'Up North', says Emilie
'Pe klak' says Fred
Een, twee, drie, vier, hoedje van Papi, says Emilie's Dad

the Vincent clan

Vene, Vidi, Vici, it's the Vincent's! says Fred
Can you believe they all had to endure this more than once! says Emilie

Mamy et Papy

Lots of respect for Mamy, who has played a massive part in our lives together. A shame I never got to meet the man behind all those stories I keep hearing! says Fred
This brings back lots of lovely childhood memories of holidays, being spoilt! says Emilie
All you need is love, says Emilie's Dad

Milie and dad

Ah yes, back in the days, when we used to hang out with the yeti monster... says Simon
Happy times, dodgy hair! says Emilie
All I can think of is Em's voice saying: 'papaaaaaa!' says Fred
No comment, says Emilie's Dad

Mim and Sim

That's my lil bro, cut eh!? says Emilie
Can you feeeel the Lurve? says Simon
Probably one of those rare occasions when they're not holding each other by the throat! says Fred

African Milie

Shortly after my first ever visit to Africa, Em went mad and this was the result! says Fred
What was I saying about dodgy hairstyles... says Emilie

Mim and Alice

The grin wasn't too big yet, must have been quite early in the evening! says Fred
I can't believe I was ever that fresh faced, especially at the end of a good night out! says Emilie
Plymsols in action! says Emilie's Dad

Baby Milie and Mum

Comfy and cosy, still my favourite way to be, says Emilie
Aaw cute! Oh and so is little Em! says Fred

Milie drinking tea

Having an English heritage meant that she had to get accustomed to that mug of tea from an early age. Look how happy she was... says Fred
Smiling is overrated; I've always preferred to 'pout'. says Emilie
She hasn't changed much, has she? says Emilie's Mum

At the seaside

I still think mine looked better! says Fred
I've never been worried about getting stuck in, says Emilie
OK...Let's smile again. Cheeeese! says Emilie's Mum

Milie and her dogs

What a gorgeous pair! The dogs that is!! says Emilie
Oh look, it's the grumpy old git with his two b...! says Fred
Look at dem sexy dogs! All fresh! says Sim

Milie and Michel

This is the last wedding I went to...and I'm afraid my dancing probably hasn't improved much! says Emilie
That looks promising for our reception!!! says Fred

Milie and her men

Lazy...Moi?! says Fred
I've always been well surrounded as you can see. says Emilie

Milie and Papy

Can anyone spot the family resemblance...? says Emilie
Comparing hairstyles, or rather the lack of... says Fred

Milie and Sim

You can tell that that was MY BALL, and NO ONE ELSE'S! Yes, back in the days when you were twice my height...Sometimes, it's good that times change! says Sim
Who needs Barbie when your lil bro's such a cutie! says Emilie
Can you believe that little Calimero is now a big financial dude in grown up London! Em on the other hand... says Fred


Unfortunately Em's body couldn't be there, all they had was her head on a stick! says Fred
Can't wait to have our very first Christmas as Mr and Mrs! says Emilie

Korean Mim

Don't touch!! I know Kung fu!! says Fred
Let's face it, I've never been a shrinking violet! says Emilie

Zanzibarian Mim

Let's not forget my love affair with food!! says Emilie
Why are we waiting... says Emilie's Mum
Food, Em's other great love in life! says Fred
I'd like to see the "after" picture! Not! says Emilie's Dad

Mum and Mim

Like mother like daughter, says Emilie
Do you think they're laughing about the outfit? says Fred