Emilie and Frederik - The Wedding

Emilie and Fred have tied the knot privately in
Zanzibar on 19th July 2008
They will celebrate with extended family and friends in
Belgium on 9th August 2008

Emilie and Frederik engagement

Mim and Fred, as Emilie's parents call them, were meant for each other and always had a lot in common...

Emilie and Fred posing for the camera

They loved posing for the camera

Mim and Fred eating cake

They shared a passion for cakes

Mim and Fred and their fluffy animals

They could never resist a fluffy litlle thing

Mim and Fred dressing up

They loved dressing up

Mim and Fred going to school

Always ready to learn

Mim and Fred and the snowman

Once upon a time they made a snowman

Mim and Fred and their siblings

And of course, they had unconditional love for their siblings