Photoshop Level 2

  • This is the final PSD file with animation, rollovers and slices
  • This the link to the last Review questions
  • Comments: Thank you very much for all your help. I did understand the changes you did and why, but would have never been able to figure that all by myself. I just changed the colour which on my Mac was bright pink and a little bit too agressive :). I enjoyed Photoshop Level 1 so much that I was really looking forward to do the Level 2. But this has been the most difficult, frustrating class I have taken so far. I didn't seem to get anything right, and was almost the only one asking questions, quite embarassing really. I am quite dissapointed with myself, that after all that hard work, I came up with a final project that's quite average really. I almost quit several times and if you hadn't helped me with the last bit , I probably would have. So, I am quite happy that this is over, now I can rest and enjoy the Festive Season. And I will never work with slices, rollover, or animation ever again! Have a lovely Xmas and a great 2008 year!