My favourite places in Tanzania

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Northern Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater Ngorongoro Crater . Spectacular scenery. Large herds of my favourite animal: the zebra .

Tarangire National Park baobab Tarangire National Park. Hundreds of my favourite tree: the babobab.

Southern Tanzania

Ruaha national Park Ruaha National Park. Space, wildlife and opened safari cars.

Mufindi Highlands Mufindi Highlands. Tea plantations. Greta hills for horseriding.Friendly people.

Iringa market Iringa town. Sitting on a ridge . Great market

Western Tanzania

Mahale National Park Mahale National Park. Back to Jurassic Park, on the shore of Lake Tanganyka. Best place to see the chimps.

Zanzibar Island

Stown town Stonetown. Beautiful door in the old arabic quarters.

Jambiani beach Jambiani beach, South-East of Zanzibar. Home from home. Nothing to do but enjoy life. delicious seafood.