You said in the lecture this week to consider design as the process of analyzing a problem and coming up with a creative solution to that problem.
Well, here comes :)

My husband Jean-Paul and myself need to design our own website, for professional and personal reasons. But we want to create a "holistic" website. We have always tried to harmonise and integrate our work with our personal life. Our main professional area is translation, but I hope to be able to also offer at a later stage art work, design, video editing or other things along those lines. This website will also be an opportunity to offer free information about the places we've traveled to, tips, recommendations but also some unusual travel writing . The third part of this website will be private and only accessible with a password and more aimed at family and friends. Some of the pages will reflect joint work, others individual work.

Tropicalboubou is our trademark, the name of our website and our e-mail address. The tropical boubou is a bird we have in our garden. It is black and white and not especially beautiful compare to a lot of other species in this region, but we like it because they are monogamous and once they are pair- bonded, they can sing up to 12 different highly synchronised duets that are beautiful. Somehow we feel close to that...

Although we are very ordinary people, we are not linear. We have changed paths often and we are still growing in all sorts of aspects. To reflect this, I was thinking of working with diagonals. I also like the idea of dividing the page into spaces but not using all of them all the time. That's about as far as I've gone for this first week. I feel pretty uncomfortable about this and don't really know what will come next, but I trust you when you are saying that it is a good thing :)

week 1 composite

This is the opening page. The shapes represents the spaces that would be used, but, if filled by text , there will not be a box border. I'm not sure yet how the internal pages will look like apart for the navigation bar and the tropicalboubou logo which will stay where they are. For the rest , I think it will depend on the content. I haven't used a grid for this first attempt because I can't remember how to use it in Photoshop, but I guess it is something I will have to do for next week if I stay with this design. The website concept will only appear on the home page. Please remember that I am not a website designer, the only website I have ever designed was the one at the end of html 2 class :)