ad for lavazza coffee

This is an ad for Lavazza coffee from the Art et Decoration magazine, that spreads over two pages. I chose it because it was an intriguing picture and I wanted to know what it was for. The clever position of the face, arms and hands makes a sort of continuous line that made me travel very easily and smoothly towards the cup of coffee. Then, I knew it was an ad for coffee but still didn't know which one. So I followed the arm to the opposite page, which shows that it is coffee sold in individual "dosette". I still had to travel till the end of the page to really see the name, and also to understand the choice of character on the left hand page: "espress yourself" (clever pun). The blurred background provides a clever white space that puts the woman at the foreground. On the right hand page, the perspective lines of the packages take your eyes from left and right to the centre and right down to the bottom, and the catch phrase. The leather background is also a nice white space and is a clever reminder of the animal skin the woman is wearing as her own skin or individuality which comes back to expressing yourself and the individual choice of the dosette.