Weeks 1 - Review questions

Part I

1. What version of Illustrator are you using?
CS2 for Mac
2. Of the colors listed below, which is most commonly used for printed work, which is most commonly used for web-related work?
CMYK for printed work
RGB for web-related work
3. What's the difference between opening a graphic and placing one?
Placing a graphic allows you to position a graphic into an open drawing. Opening a graphic opens the graphic as a new file.
4. How do you get the guidelines to appear? How would you use them?
You drag them from the ruler, it helps you place objects exactly where you want them to be. You can have vertical, horizontal or angled guidelines.
5. What do you use to "nudge" your object?
The arrows on the keyboard.
6. How would you export your drawing as a raster graphic for use on the web?
By saving it as a .jpg.

Part II

1. Two options you find on the View menu.
The show guides and the zoom in options
2. Three palettes you can open from the Window menu
The navigator, the transform and the document info palettes