Week 5 - Review questions

1. List two examples of how you could use a lowered layer opacity level.
To create a navigation bar that is see through, to add a layer to the another and still see both.
2. What are Layer Blending Modes and how would you use them?
Layer Blend modes are used to blend the color of a pixel in one layer with every pixel directly beneath it in a straight line. They are usefull for creating special effects, collage, etc.
3. How do you change a layer's Blending Mode?
By choosing a mode in the drop down menu in the Layer Palette.
4.What are Layer Styles?
Layer Styles are effects such as drop shadows, inner and outer glows, strokes, patterns and bevels that you can add to layers of pixels and type.
5. If you want to manipulate a style such as a Drop Shadow, where would you do so?
In the Layer Style_Drop Shadow dialogue box
6.Why would you use a Layer Style?
To transform an image by adding different effects.
7. How can the History Palette help you with your work?
Because it records every single step your are making, it enables you to step back to any previous state and change direction.
8. Where would you change the number of states the History Palette records?
In Preferences_General_History States
9. List three tools that you would use to re-touch an image.
The clone stamp, the healing brush and the history brush.
10. Explain what the Aligned option does when working with the retouching tools?
It keeps the cloning aligned with the source.