Week 3 - Review questions

1. What color mode is used most for the 4-color print process (professional printing, not desk-top printing)?
CMYK Color Mode.
2. True or False: Television sets, computer monitors and movie projectors use the CMYK Color Mode to display colors. Why or why not?
False. They use the RGB Color Mode.
3. What does RGB and CMYK stand for?
RGB = Red, Green, Blue. CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black4.Describe two ways to access the Color Picker
Click on the foreground or background squares in the toolbox, or the Color Palette.
5. If you needed to work with an exact shade of a color and had only the RGB values, where would you input these values to obtain that color?
In the option boxes of the Color Picker dialogue box.
6. If you see the Alert Triangle in the Color Picker, what does this tell you and how would you take care of this?
It means that the chosen color is not available for printing. Clicking on the triangle will bring the Color Selection Marker to the closest color available.
7. How would you find out a color's Hexadecimal code for use on a web page?
By looking at the source html page, copying the code and entering it in the box in the Color Picker.
8. List three ways to change the Foreground and/or Background colors.
With the Color Picker, the Color Palette or the Swatches Palette.
9. Other than using the Zoom tool, what's another way to change the magnification of an image?
The Navigator Palette.
10. Other than the Color Picker, where else could you easily find the particular RGB or CMYK values of any pixel within the canvas?
In the Info Palette.